About Us

Proud to be a part of the WA community

Supplying Wholesale Fresh Fish Since 1981As a WA family-owned business, our heart is in the local community.  With our feet planted firmly in Australia, we believe in creating local jobs and supporting the local economy.

Our family originally settled in Western Australia in 1901 and we are very proud of what we’ve accomplished since then.  We have a history in fishing and a tradition for perfection that has been passed down to each generation.

We provide nothing less than the best

We can easily process over 4 tonnes of whole fish daily and operate a state of the art portion cutting machine that perfectly cuts portions to any serve size, at a rate of 13 portions per second.

However, regardless of what scale of order we supply, we are always rigorous about quality and never lose sight of our roots as a small family-run business.

We have thrived and grown from our determination to provide excellent quality seafood to every customer, every time, without any exception.