Fresh seafoodFestival Fish Wholesalers sells the largest range of premium quality fish and seafood products in Western Australia.

We play an active role in supporting our local fishing industry by sourcing a major portion of our supply from local WA fishermen, while also supplementing our product range with the highest grade of fish and seafood harvested from all around Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

As most seafood lovers know, the waters off the Western Australian coast produce some of the most superior fish and seafood to be found anywhere in the world.

By selecting only the finest samples from each day’s catch, fresh from the boat, we ensure our customers get the best of the best.

Some of our most popular products include:

  • Fresh tuna and swordfish
  • A huge range of Exmouth & Shark Bay prawns from small to Ex Large sizes
  • Fresh Yellowtail Kingfish (Hiramasa)
  • Tassal Tasmanian Salmon
  • Ora King NZ Salmon
  • Petunia Tasmanian Ocean Trout
  • Petunia smoked Ocean Trout
  • Delicious Fremantle octopus
  • Salmon caviar from the highlands of Victoria
  • Yuzu Juice fresh squeezed and frozen (From Perth’s sister city of Kagoshima Japan)
  • Wasabi Root blast frozen at -192 degrees(From Perths sister city of Kagoshima Japan)

We also supply many other varieties of fish and seafood from within our region.  Please contact us to find out more.  And, if by some rare chance you need something we don’t already stock, just let us know and we’ll happily track it down for you.

Fresh today


Line Caught Spiked Ikijime sashimi quality

  • Tasmanian Salmon
  • New Zealand Ora King Salmon
  • Australian Barramundi from Broome or Humpty Doo
  • Fremantle Big Eye Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna
  • Fremantle Swordfish
  • S.A Yellowtail Kingfish/Hiramasa
  • Exmouth Cobia(black kingfish)
  • Exmouth Saddletail Snapper
  • Pt Samson Blue spot Emperor
  • Carnarvon Goldband Snapper
  • Exmouth Blue Spot Emperor
  • Exmouth Red  Emperor
  • Esperance Flathead
  • Esperance Nannygai
  • Broome Rankin Cod
  • Exmouth Bass Groper
  • Exmouth Ruby snapper
  • Broome large Spotted Cod
  • Broome Wild caught Amberjack
  • Broome Barr Cod
  • Exmouth Sweetlip Snapper
  • Broome Baby Reef fish fillets (white fillets of fish with little or no bloodline)
  • Shark Bay Silver Whiting (Large Whiting fillets)
  • Shark bay Sea Mullet
  • Lakes Entrance Sand whiting (small whiting fillets sweet and cheap)
  • Live Vongole and pippies ,clams from south Australia
  • Shark Bay half shell scallops large XXXL Biggest ever
  • Qld Bottarga,Karasumi (sun dried mullet roe)
  • Qld Tarama mullet roe  paste (for making taramasalata )
  • Wakame Fresh seaweed from NZ

Regularly available

Fresh off the boat
  • Cobbler
  • Coffin Bay Live Clams
  • Smoky Bay Live Organic Angel Oysters
  • Eyre Peninsula Live Cleaned Mussels Organic
  • Smoked Eel
  • Smoked Rainbow trout
  • Whiting
  • Flathead
  • Pink Snapper
  • Groper
  • Bream
  • Nannygai

Always available

Quickly frozen
  • Emouth Bugs
  • Skull Island Jumbo Tiger prawns Qlnd MSC CERT
  • timthumb
  • Image result for wakame fresh
  • Fresh Wakame seaweed available Now
  • Exmouth  Tiger Prawns U15 MSC CERT
  • Exmouth Tiger Prawn Cutlets 26/30,21/25,16/20,10/15 No Chemical MSC certified
  • Exmouth Bugs (Super Sweet)
  • Shark Bay Cuttlefish fillets
  • Shark bay Norwest Squid
  • Mooloolaba Fresh Cooked Spanner crab meat MSC CERT
  • Shark Bay Raw  Blue Swimmer crab meat
  • Moreton Bay Bugs
  • Toothfish G51 MSC CERT
  •  W.A.Manjimup potato chips, all natural, any size , best around (truffle farms next door, Pristine land)
  • Luv A Duck products ,Duck Legs,Breast,Duck Fat,Duck Mince ,quail,Poussin,spatchcock.
  • Il Gelato Ice cream,sorbet. Premium quality award winning
  • Sardines (Whole & Fillets)
  • Squid (Calamari)
  • Clams live (Vongole) coffin bay
  • Pippies live Goolwa ( Mouth of the Murray River) MSC certified
  • Fremantle Local Octopus (Plain & Marinated)
  • Yuzu Juice Freshly Squeezed and frozen by a family friend in Perth’s sister city of Kagoshima
  • Wasabi fresh wasabi root blast frozen from Kagoshima

This list is updated daily, so please be sure to check here often, or call us to find out about our best deals of the day.